Apollo 13 Characteristics

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Ernesto Galarza and the Apollo 13 crew both undertook a mission. The Apollo 13 crew went on a mission of discovering the lunar highlights, but turned into a mission of survival. Ernesto Galarza had a mission of becoming a good American and learning English in the United States. Both stories had to be courageous, determined and have teamwork with other people. These characteristics helped them achieve their goal.

The story of Ernesto Galarza in “Barrio Boy” is truly a fascinating one. Ernesto Galarza is a 6 year old Mexican boy in the midst of the Mexican Revolution, Ernesto can no longer stay in Mexico and is migrating to the United States. Once in America, Ernesto needs to learn how to speak English and how to be a good American. In school Ernesto meets his principal Mrs. Hopley and his first grade teacher
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It turned out to be a mistake because after 2 days, two oxygen tanks blew up and the space shuttle lost power, causing the temperatures in the shuttle going haywire, “Houston we have a problem. The shuttle soon started coming on food shortages and had to ration for the food to survive. They also had problems getting rid of carbon dioxide in their air. The big question that they had was, “How to get back safely to Earth.” The LM navigation system was not made to help the crew in their situation. “30 minutes before the explosion, at 30 hours and 40 minutes, Apollo 13 had made the normal midcourse correction, which would take it out of a free-return-to-earth trajectory and put it on lunar landing.” The crew couldn’t go to sleep because the temperatures in the space shuttle went haywire which caused the temperature in the shuttle to be freezing cold. After they got home back to earth the crew jumped the Pacific Ocean and learned about their new lessons from their time in

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