Apollo 13 Compare And Contrast

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Undertaking a mission does not always mean battle or war; it can be anything, from selling lemonade at a lemonade stand to saving a patient in the ER. There are infinite reasons as to why someone would undertake a mission. Apollo 13’s crew were dehydrated and basically poisoned by carbon dioxide in their trip to return home. Ernesto Galarza learned to speak the English language fluently and to become a good U.S. citizen. The pilots of Apollo 13 were determined to get back home alive while Ernesto Galarza was determined to fit in at his new school, but not forget his hispanic roots. Despite the difference of their missions, they both achieved their goals by staying courageous and never giving up. Barrio Boy is a biography of Ernesto Galarza’s experience during his youth, when he moved from Mexico to North America. Although nervous and slightly intimidated by his new school, Galarza was determined to fit in. In paragraph 13 of the story, Galarza says, “...I was soon able to match Ito’s progress as a sentence reader…” That sentence tells us that Ernesto had been working hard to say sentences in fluent English. The text states that Galarza had “graduated with honors” at the end of the school year, telling us that he had worked even harder to fit in and did so well that …show more content…

The crew of Apollo 13 took drastic measures to conserve their resources, as cited in paragraph 13, “The crew conserved water. They cut down to six ounces each per day, a fifth of the normal intake, and used fruit juices; they ate hot dogs and other wet-pack foods when they ate at all...the crew lost a total of 31.5 pounds…” The Apollo 13 crew was determined to get back home and had to conserve their supplies. The text also states the crew back on Earth “ground computed” a way for the astronauts to get back to Earth, telling us that they did not give up on the

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