Apollo 15 Research Paper

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Apollo 15 was a manned lunar landing that was successful. The mission was scheduled to launched on july 26, 1971 at 9:34 a.m. Apollo 15 was conducted by David R. Scott the commander, Alfred M. Worden command module pilot and James B. Irwin lunar module pilot. The location in which they landed was called Hadley Rille/Apennines. The mission was to explore the Apennines in a Lunar roving car. The space rocket landed on apennines, July 30, 1971. The time they spent on the moon 295 hr. 11 min. 53 sec. and the time they were on Lunar surface was 66 hr 54 min 53 min. Space men returned to earth with 76.8 kilograms of moon rocks and traveled 27.9 on the lunar surface. Apollo 15 set some new records for crewed spaceflights. Heaviest payload in a lunar
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