Apollo Creed In Ryan Coogler's Creed Film

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During our lifetimes of watching cinema we have grown accustomed to watching the great underdog movies such as Rocky. The way the movie was so captivating to audiences for several decades made us always cheer for the underdog who somehow beats the odds to reach his goal. But rarely do we see a story of a champion coming from the higher social economic status. In the movie creed this is what happens. The lead character Adonis played by (Michael P Jordon) he plays Creed the illegitimate son of the fictional boxer character Apollo Creed in the Rocky series. Newcomer director Ryan Coogler creates a brand new perspective on a classic story that blends the old and the new. The story opens up with the young Adonis being held inside a cell at the juvenile detention center. The shot was a tracking shot following of the Actress (Phylicia Reshad) or Mary Anne Creed the mother of Adonis as she walks through detention center door and through the hallway. She tells him of his father and then adopts Adonis under her care and raises him in a wealthy household and exposes him to his father?s legacy. Throughout the film use of the steady cam was made evident placing the audience up close and personal inside the shots that was being filmed.
The film begins in the present day Tijuana, Baja California in a basement of a 2nd class fight club similar to the boxing ring where Rocky Balboa use to fight in Philadelphia.
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This time Rocky does not run the steps but is coached along by his new prot?g?e Creed to make it to the top and take in the spectacular view of life coming full circle. How bittersweet the evolution that we have witnessed, the more things change the more they stay the
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