Apollo In Greek Mythology

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Apollo,the God of light and fine arts,was best known for his myth influence on the modern day world and his influence on women in society.Ever since the creation of fire and fine arts,man has yearned to understand and harness the power of light and art.According to the Greeks,Apollo is the god that oversees and controls these powers.

In Greek mythology Apollo was the God of light and the sun itself.(Allan, Maitland) But had many other functions such as the god of light, music, poetry, archery, prophesy, music, dance, and the art of healing.(Daly, Rengel) Some Greeks even believed that he was protector of herds man and their flocks.("Myths and Legends of the World")Apollo is the son of the almighty Zeus and Titan Leto as well as twin brother
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(Allan, Maitland) According to other Greek gods he carried a very charming personality. He would delight the hearts of those Olympians with his songs.(Cavendish,Ling 126) However as adored Apollo was,he was often unhappy in love. (Allan, Maitland)He couldn 't keep his lovers due to having many love affairs. ("Myths and Legends of the World") Some of Apollo 's romantic misfortunes involved animals that became associated with him. ("Myths and Legends of the World") Apollo was associated with the wolf, raven, serpent, crow and musical swan. (Mercante,Dow 86) The most common symbols that were attached to Apollo were the lyre and bow.(Mercante,Dow 86)These represented his role as a god of song and the far-hunting archer.(Mercante,Dow 86) Apollo is typically portrayed holding a bow and arrow,that symbols his role as the god of death and disease,or a harp that represents his role of God of music.(Mercante,Dow 86)The last symbol associated with Apollo was the palm tree,for it was under a palm tree Apollo was born.(Mercante,Dow 86) The cult of Apollo embraced and portrayed all that represents Apollo.…show more content…
Apollo 's influence on women in society teaches those to stand up for who they love as well as themselves. Apollo and his sister, Artemis defend the honor of their mother,Leto. The twins took pride in their mother and express their love and appreciation for all she 's done for them. When Leto was about to deliver her children, Hera Zeus ' jealous wife, declared that she would not them be born in any land where the sun shone. Due to this Leto had to give birth to the twins on a floating island that was above ground and hidden from sunlight.("Artemis") Apollo and Artemis defended their mother when a woman named Niobe challenged her honor. Niobe had six sons and six daughters and boasted that her offspring outshone those of Leto. Leto did not stand for this and sent her children to get vengeance. Apollo and Artemis took it upon themselves to shoot and kill all of Niobe 's children with their arrows out of dignity for their mother. This myth educates women in modern day society to stand up for themselves and their loved ones.("Artemis") Although Apollo was best known for his influence of women in society,his myth influence on the modern day world was
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