Apollo Program Essay

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The Apollo program was a series of planned, manned space flight missions with the ultimate goal of sending a man from the United States to the moon before the Russians could send their own person. The mission that landed the first people on the moon was Apollo 11. This mission became famous worldwide as people watched the first steps Neil Armstrong took on the moon from the television. This momentous event changed the tide of the space race and it displayed that America was superior in space technology, programs and showed that the United States was the true world power. The United States did beat the Russians to the moon in the end; despite the Russians having launched their satellites into space first. The United States encountered competition…show more content…
As for the procedures of the apollo 11 mission, the plan was for 3 astronauts to climb aboard the gigantic saturn v rocket at the launch station in Cape Canaveral, which back then was Cape Kennedy, Florida. Once prepared the astronauts would launch into space and then start their many hours long journey to reach a lunar orbit. When the vehicle started to orbit the moon, the astronauts were to start to prepare for their departure on the landing module. From there 2 astronauts, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, would land on the moon and have multiple space walks and collect rock samples from the surface. Once that was completed the astronauts would pack up, reconnect the landing module with the rest of the space vessel and return to Earth and land again, this time into the ocean ( Primary,…show more content…
The effects of the Apollo program on the people of the United States, and the world were undeniable. It sparked a generation 's interest in the exploration of space which had not been matched since. And it affected the whole world as the Apollo 11 launch became the symbol of achievement for all people (Secondary, 3). Including the Russians who afterward started working with the U.S. space agency for joint space missions. These were called the Apollo-Soyuz missions. The mission involved a U.S. spacecraft meeting up with a Russian one in space. This event was the sign that showed that the cold war world was changing and that the Apollo program had brought two conflicting nations together to exchange knowledge and technology after all tensions were solved from the Apollo program’s victory
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