Apologizing Means To Make People Good

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Mistakes are universal, but everyone responds to being incorrect in different ways. The way that people choose to deal with their mistakes defines their integrity. The popular opinion is that apologizing makes up for the inaccuracy, but conversely, I believe that apologizing does not simply make a person ‘good’. A strong person is someone who proves that they intend not to make the same mistake again. An apology loses it’s meaning after it is repeated over and over. Many famous people are known for their mistakes, not their apologies. Simply knowing that you are wrong, and not doing the same thing over again are two opposing ideas. A person’s pride relies on approval, and approval is gained by sticking to their word. The average person makes…show more content…
Additionally, some people might see it as shameful to admit that they are wrong, and find a sense of pride in the fact that they held true to their own views without conforming to others. All across America gangs are still very persistent. It has been common today to dismiss their influence, because gangs are not the hottest issue at the moment. However, loyalty to a gang is an unrelenting practice that stops at nothing. Members of a gang, when arrested, will sometimes take larger sentences than they would if they would have come clean and admit their mistakes. But the fear of being perceived as a snitch is far too great compared to the fear of many years in prison. This is why apologies and owning up to mistakes just do not suffice for everybody. Going on with the topic of apologies bringing shame rather than pride, serial murderer and cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer was left with a pressing moral conflict when deciding whether or not to admit to his crimes. Dahmer was so afraid of disappointing his father, that he would have accepted the guilt of a dirty conscience rather than apologizing publicly, to the victim’s families. I agree that most people will argue that Dahmer had nothing to lose by publicly apologizing because the public—including his father—were going to find out no matter what. However, in the mind of someone who is so twisted and psychopathic to drill a hole into a live man’s brain and inject hydrochloric acid into it in hopes to create a sex slave, their morals are self-centered and obviously out of
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