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Explain Apostle Paul argument, what is the thesis of 3:21 in Romans. Moo, explains, “But now, justified by faith and how God revealed his righteousness through his Son and as apart from the Law of Moses, for instance, you can’t put old wine into new wine skin. Mark 2:22” ... Moo informs us,” the Old Mosaic covenant can’t contain the new wine of the gospel, the law and the prophet testifies to this new work of God in Christ, it has been God’s intention from the beginning to reveal the saving righteousness by sending his Son as a sacrifice for us.” Moo writes, “Paul build his case by explaining that the righteousness of God is only through faith in Jesus Christ to all who believe” . Nevertheless, Moo writes, “Jesus Christ is the objective of the…show more content…
Gen. 15:6. Nevertheless, Abraham believes God, who gives life to the dead, God revealed his power by creating life in Sarah’s dead womb”, also, the power of God is demonstrated when he raised Jesus Christ from the dead. Rom. (11, 10:9) “ James 2:17. when referring to faith, he stated, that “faith without works is dead, faith is dead without works, there is no life without the spirit, only saving faith through good works can only sustain you, there was a work that Jesus Christ did on the Cross and it was through faith he was raised from the dead., which was a good works, to save a sinful nations. James also, mention mentions by their fruit you will know them, the obedience to God is faith we need faith to be save. Paul and James both .are making arguments for justification, but in different forms. “Justify”, has different meanings, Paul informs us that God will justify both the Jews and the Gentiles, circumcised as well as uncircumcised’ . The more God reveals himself the more salvation is exposed through every one live”, James as I read and search for the scripture referred me back to Isiah 53:5-6, and Acts 10:43, which explains that the prophets did testify to the works of God through Jesus Christ” .

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