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Leadership is exemplified throughout the sacred text of the bible. One leader, who addressed many leadership issues in the New Testament church, was the Apostle Paul. With the authority given to him by God, the Apostle Paul traveled rigorously throughout the Mediterranean taking territory for the kingdom of God, spreading the gospel of the kingdom of God and the truth of Jesus the Christ. In his travels, the Apostle Paul established many new churches in the regions that he travelled throughout his journey. After he left the region that he had been in the Apostle Paul still communicated with and oversaw the churches that helped establish.
The Apostle Paul corresponded with the churches by letter and these epistles became incorporated into the New Testament of the sacred text of the bible. In his communications, the Apostle “Paul regularly provided his churches with written, authoritative instructions in his letters” (Hanges, 1988, p. 288). The Apostle Paul’s epistles contained “specific
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The Apostle “Paul was intimately involved with the church in Corinth. He had led in its establishment, had kept in close touch with it, and was now writing in the face of pressing needs” (Munn, 1960, p. 5). The leadership issues the Apostle Paul addressed in his epistle in 1 Corinthians are issues that still exist in modern times. A closer examination of the pericope of 1 Corinthians 1-4 through a genre analysis of the epistle revealed how the Apostle Paul addressed issues with participative leadership and delegation, in particular how he addressed the disunity in the church at Corinth due to factionalism. Through further analysis, the Apostle Paul’s guidance to the church at Corinth can be applied to modern leadership issues, in regards to organizational
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