Apostle Paul Thesis Statement

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The Apostle Paul

Julian Ballard
Introduction to the 5 fold ministry
Professor. Munson
Thesis Statement: The Apostle Paul shaped the mold of an Apostle. Introduction: This paper is on the Apostle Paul, who has an incredible story, and happens to be one of my favorite people from the Bible ( which is why I chose him ). This Apostle did some cruel things to God 's people. He did these things out of religiousness, and the fact that he didn 't have a true relationship with Jesus. I have 3 main points in this research paper, and the first one will be titled ' ' life before Christ ' '. This will discuss/ inform the reader on the Apostle Paul 's life before Christ. My second main point will be titled ' ' Life Encountering Christ ' '. This point will tie into a lot of the previous point, but it is supposed to. I will discuss Paul 's radical encounter with Christ, and how it ties into the ministry of an Apostle. My third and last point will be titled ' ' Life in Christ ' '. This is the part of the
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All in Acts chapter 7 we see the death of Stephen. In Acts 7:57- 8:2, it speaks of Saul watching over as Stephen was executed. Many other times, situations happened just like this one. Many more were executed under the authority of Saul. I don’t say what I am saying to bash Paul or make less of him, but only to show you his life before Christ. A passage that displays Saul’s cruelty is Acts 8:3-4: “As for Saul, he made havoc of the church, entering every house, and dragging off men and women, committing them to prison. Therefore those who were scattered went everywhere preaching the word.” That’s cruel, but it shows who Saul was. He caused problems for every church, drug people out of their houses, and imprisoned them. All of that was done because of those people spreading the Gospel. If Saul could have seen his future he would have had to kill himself for the same thing. Funny how
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