Apostle Vs Nero Essay

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Christianity: Emperor Nero vs The Apostle Paul
Christianity is the largest religious body in the world. It follows a monotheistic belief system that believes Jesus Christ is the son of God, a human who was crucified for all mankind’s sins and would be the savior of humanity. Christianity has suffered in history by the hands of those in power who would have no one held in a higher regard than them. Of those who persecuted Christians were Emperor Claudius Nero and Saint Paul the Apostle. Each of these men went to great lengths to destroy the Christians and equally failed. Both were motivate but for one moment in time that would change one man from a killer to a savior and the other destroyed himself.
Emperor Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus
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It was speculated that Nero desired this area of land to expand his palace complex on Palatine Hill (History.com). Nero caught wind of the suspicions and began to blame the Jews, who had been previously known for arson. They escaped the blame since they had friends in the court. He then place blame on the Christians and so began the first persecution of Christians (Frend).
Nero immediately diverted all blame to the Christians. They became a class hated for their abhorrent lifestyle. They were seen as hateful of the human race. Christians were quickly seized, tortured, and stoned to death (Frend). Nero created inventive and barbarous manors of killing the Christians. Some were clad in animal hides and fed to packs of dogs, others were burned to death in pyres designed to light the emperor’s evening parties (History.com).
Turmoil began to reign in Rome thereafter. Plots to assassinate the emperor caused Nero to have high members of the government killed in order to protect him. Reconstruction of Rome was putting the empire under great strain and devalued the Roman currency. Nero took an extended vacation to Greece where he immersed himself in sport, music theatre and other foolish projects. He returned. Failed to respond to a revolt until governor Galba declared himself leader of the Senate and the Roman people. Nero was to be put to trial but committed suicide before he could
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