Appeal Of Fear

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"Luckily I was scared into doing something" as The Great Prey says. I would think you would not want to be scared into doing something but maybe it would help in certain circumstances. Having fear makes the experience personal and makes people realize they need to be aware with some changes they need to make in their lives. In my opinion appeals to fear are the best motivation. Appeals to fear should make people want to change their life around. Before the Corcoran jail visit all the kids tried to act like it was not going to phase them and it was not that big of a deal. Later into the visit their experiences with the inmates became more personal. After the visit to Corcoran jail through the program "Change Within" in the episode Beyond Scared…show more content…
Unconverted men will go to hell if they are not saved. "How dreadful is the state of those that are daily and hourly in danger of this great wrath and infinite misery"(Edward 43)! The appeal to fear that Edward is trying to give off is quite simple you do not get saved you will not met Jesus Christ in the end you will burn with Satan forever. "How awful is it to be left behind at such a day" (Edward 44)! Edward is trying to scare us into being saved so one day we will not be left behind. In other words this is a choice we would have to make and deal with the consequences the entire time. Fear is also the best motivational force because as Feinstein states “…all of the teens in the film vowed that they would rehabilitate their lives; they did not want to end up behind bars” (28). The teens were willing to turn their life around to do better and make the right choices. “Nonetheless, it should be noted that none of the 17 youths filmed in the original documentary was ever convicted of a felony” (Feinstein 29). The teens decided they did not want to be known as being a terrible person so they did the right thing and they were scared
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