Appearance And Reality In Shakespeare's 'Much Ado About Nothing'

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1 In a short paragraph of 5 lines explain how the setting of the film (Italy) contributes to the light-hearted mood and tone of the film. State if and how the same mood is noticeable in the play of Shakespeare.
His 1993 film of Much Ado About Nothing is an outstanding adaptation of the play that benefits from his judicious cutting and rearrangement of text, as well as from his casting. He has filmed on location in and around an actual sunny Italian villa of appropriate age and condition, the Villa Vignamaggio in Tuscany. The setting contributes greatly to qualities of timelessness and isolation from the rest of the world, as well as to its visual impact.
The film immediately establishes a lighthearted mood in a new opening scene: First, over a black screen, a voice slowly recites the first verse of the song from Act II, Scene 3, "Sigh no more, ladies." During this recitation, the words of the first verse appear phrase by phrase on the screen. As the second verse is being read, the sun-washed villa is seen at a distance from a nearby hill, first in a painting that Leonato is creating, then in its reality. Then the camera pans across a carefree scene of a picnic with residents of the villa lounging in the grass and enjoying Beatrice 's recitation of the verses from a small book.

3.2 The theme of Appearance and Reality is a common one in most of Shakespeare’s dramas and in this comedy it concerns “love”. Love is not actually what it appears to be. When

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