Appearance Vs. Existence In Roald Dahl's Essay

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Paragraph 1: In the short story the landlady by Roald Dahl he leaves the reader clues about Appearance versus existence. Meaning she looks all fragile and kind but in reality she is not as kind as you think. Paragraph 2: Appearance versus existence is shown when the Landlady gives Billy his own big room and breakfast for a very cheap price of 5-6 pints. He said “it’s almost to good to be true”. Paragraph 3: A clue of appearance versus existence is when Billy tastes the cup of tea and the fact that it tastes like bitter almonds announces that there is a touch of cyanide powder. Billy thinks that the landlady is this nice, innocent old lady but I Hine site she is trying to poison him. Paragraph 4: Another clue of Appearance versus existence

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