Hamlet Appearance Vs Reality Analysis

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“Shakespeare genius lies in his capacity to express Universal Truths of the human condition” and that is exactly what he does in Hamlet and Macbeth. In the two plays, Shakespeare shows examples of his ability “ express Universal Truths of the the human condition” and also examples of the theme Appearance vs Reality. He also shows examples of the theme in Macbeth when the three Witches seems to be helping Macbeth but were actually deceiving him. Also when Lady Macbeth seems innocent and sweet but is actually ruthless and evil. The last example of Appearance vs Reality when King Duncan complements Macbeth’s castle for having fresh air describing it as peaceful but before he arrives he had no idea that his host plans his murder in that very…show more content…
For example when King Claudius says “Oh, for two special reasons...The queen his mother lives almost by his looks, and for myself-- my virtue or my plague, be it either which.” (IV,vii,1,11-13). In this quote he is speaking to Laertes about getting rid of both their problems which is Hamlet and Claudius saying one of the reasons that he did not take criminal action against Hamlet is because Gertrude loves him and is devoted to him” Another example is when Rosencrantz and Guildenstern pretends to be Hamlet’s friends but are actually working for King Claudius. In Act ll Scene ii Lines 258 Rosencrantz says “Visiting you, my lord. There’s no other occasion.” In those lines Rosencrantz lies to Hamlet saying that he and Guildenstern is only there to see him but in all actuality they are there to help King Claudius figure out why Hamlet has gone crazy. The final example of the theme appearance vs reality in Hamlet is in Act ll, Scene i, Line 1 Polonius says “Give him this money and these notes, Reynaldo.” It seems that Polonius is giving his servant gifts and letters from him and his family to deliver to Laertes but he is also sending his servant to spy on Laertes to see if he is actually doing what he said he was which is studying
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