Appearances Vs Reality In Film Analysis

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The film Pervert’s Guide to Cinema is a great source for major concepts in cinema like illusions, reality, conflicts, observations, desire, etc. It is really interesting how Zizek explains some of these concepts and how he shoots in the same locations as the examples he uses to portray his concepts. One of the most interesting topics is appearances versus reality. In the movie, Vertigo Zizek talks about how appearances won over reality. Another extraordinary concept is the use of birds in the movie The Birds and how their attack resembles tearing up and distorting reality. A third concept that Zizek also mentioned is “the gaze” and he used the example of the dedicative from the movie The Conversation to explain the idea furthermore. The movie…show more content…
This movie is about a woman that is from San Francisco who falls in love with a man and she goes to his home to discover that he lives with his mother. The first attack of the bird when the women was still in the boat hints that something is going to happen. Later on in the film, birds attack again when the family was sitting in the living room. This raises the question of why do birds attack? I agree with Zizek and I believe it is not fair to say that this is a natural thing for birds. In this case, birds serve as another dimension that literally tears apart reality. The attack of birds is to prevent or trying to prevent a sexual relationship. Another example is when the mother goes to the neighbor’s house and finds him dead and his eyes where eaten by birds and she also sees the birds on the window. She tried to shout but she couldn’t; her voice was…show more content…
After suspecting that a murder is taking place in the nearby hotel room, Gene Hackman, the private detective, enters the room and checks the toilet. The moment he approaches the toilet in the bathroom, it is clear that we are in his zone. It is clear that some kind of extreme and implicit dialogue with psycho is going on. In a very violent way the murderer in psycho opens up the curtain and inspects the details, looking for traces of blood there, even inspecting the gap, the hole, at the bottom of the sink. Which is another one of these important objects, because in psycho, the hole, through fade-out, the hole is transformed into the eye, returning the gaze. Another example of the gaze is in the movie Vertigo. The shot in which we see Scottie in a position of a peeping Tom watching through a crack. It is as if Madeleine is really there in common reality, while Scottie is looking at her from some mysterious inter-space. This is the location of the imagined fantasized
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