Appeasement In Ww2 Essay

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One of the largest wars in history could have been stopped if the right path had been taken. Before World War 2, the countries of the war were stumped on how to deal with the German power that was increasing in power and hoping to dictate the world. The two options of foreign policy that could change the course of history were appeasement and collective security. Appeasement was the option of, giving the aggressor Germany what they wanted in hope that it would lead to peace. The countries agreed on this policy when they established the Munich Agreement, which would give a portion of Czechoslovakia to Germany. Collective Security was the policy of working with allied countries to get rid of the enemy. A good example of collective security was…show more content…
On March 7th, 1936, Germany entered a buffer zone between Paris and Germany called Rhineland. The Treaty of Versailles, the treaty signed after WW1 to punish Germany, clearly stated that Germany was not to enter this area. As a result, Paris appealed to the League of Nations, the group of countries who worked together to stop illegal behavior like what Hitler and Germany was doing. Allowing Germany to keep his forces in Rhineland would mean letting them violate the rules for their own benefit, which is something collective security would enforce before Germany got too far. Other countries also got away with breaking the rules without the needed interference of colIective security. In the Second Italio-Ethiopian War, Italy sent countless bombardments to the Ethiopia, and used poison and mustard gas to kill innocent civilians. During World War 1, the countries agreed to never again use poison gas because of its inhumanity. Italy continued to use it without anyone or anything stopping it, until Haile Selassie appealed to the League of Nations. Without collective security, there was nothing stopping countries from violating international treaties and
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