Apple Advantages And Disadvantages

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1.0 INTRODUCTION After several false starts, tablet computers have finally caught on among business users. In addition to Apple’s popular iPad, seemingly every computer company on the planet is looking to get a share of this unit. A large number of sales organization out there are investing in mobile devices due to the increasingly demanding nature of customers, competitors and channels to have better equipped materials at their fingertips. This has also caused organizations to figure out new sales processes and experience. On the other hand, there is much risk in integrating such a new practice and diverting from the traditional ways of operating among business users. Although many companies have no qualms in adopting this new move, there are still a strong number of companies reluctant to fully embrace tablet computers, instead choosing to wait and observe the growth of this move. Thus, this research will weigh in on the advantages and disadvantages of tablet computers among business users, most specifically the risks and rewards of these revolutionary device on travelling salespeople. This research will not cover the differences of tablets from other mobile devices and investment plans to incorporate tablet computers to a business. A secondary method was used to conduct this is assignment. 2.0 RESEARCH ON TABLETS Generally, a tablet computer as defined by Oxford Dictionary is a small portable computer that accepts input directly on to its screen rather than through a

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