Samsung Images Of Change Case Study

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Keller Graduate School of Management
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Apple and Samsung
Images of Change
HRM 587

Antoinette Texeira
March 9, 2018

Like many aspects of life there will be change involved it’s impossible to go through life without experiencing any type of change what so ever. There are instances where change is good and at other times change isn’t such a good thing. For companies to grow and thrive change must be involved as it is essential in business it produces structural and consumer growth opportunities. It allows companies to acclimate to diverse economic conditions while evolving their expertise to sustain its progress in the business. It is imperative that a business have core values that will help easily identify
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Samsung was the only company other than Apple making a profit in mobile, and it seemed to be closing in on Apple’s dominance (Kim, 2013). Samsung has an image of interpreter, navigator and director. Samsung has had to direct its company to make changes that have been good and some that have been disastrous. The company had been great about knowing what changes that it has needed to make and has succeeded in reaching the goal and the outcome that it has desired. Navigating through the issues the has come with the process of changing has been relatively easy for this company, they have had the ability to quickly adapt. Samsung has interpreted the necessary data and identified problems that arose and was able to explain what changes were required. Samsung has been an organization that has been able to reinvent itself over and over. The costly and damaging recall of millions of flammable Galaxy Note 7 smartphones wiped 98 per cent off the profits of Samsung’s mobile division, it announced today. Smartphones are Samsung’s core business and the slump dragged total company profits down by 30 per cent to their lowest level in two years (O'rourke, 2016). The culture within Samsung is one where they take every challenge and see it as an opportunity to learn and grow from it and that is exactly what it is doing with the…show more content…
Apple has done a swell job of securing and promoting their brand but if they are not careful Samsung can dethrone them soon. Samsung has done an amazing job of taking over every category it puts its hands on, from refrigerators, televisions, and very soon cellular devices.

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