Apple Blue Ocean Strategy Case Study

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How Apple’s Corporate Strategy Drove High Growth

Executive Summary
This case introduces the application of blue ocean strategy inside the context of managing a business enterprise portfolio at the company level. Apple created destiny earnings and growth now not by exploiting existing demand for, but by using reconstructing enterprise boundaries to create new marketplace space and unencumber latent call for. That transformed the organization from a pc manufacturer into a consumer electronics powerhouse.

Apple PCs began the development into the personal computing field in 1977 yet through changes in administration and contrasts of feeling together with missed open doors it lost its upper hand to organizations like Microsoft. Dell. Also, Portal.
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Using the four actions framework (E-R-R-C Grid) introduced in Blue Ocean Strategy, what would you do to revive the company?

2. Reflecting on each offering of the iPod, iTunes music store, iPhone, and iPad, answer the following questions:
a. In which industry did Apple create a blue ocean? Was that industry attractive? The industry which apple created a blue ocean was the music industry because apple made the iPod. And yes the industry was and is attractive.
b. Was Apple a new entrant or an incumbent in the industry? Apple’s IPod became a brand new entrant inside the industry. The reason why it become a brand new entrant is as it had extraordinary features then a Walkman and MP3 players which Sony it formed.
3. Reflecting on each offering of the iPod, iTunes music store, iPhone, and iPad, answer the following questions:
a. Where did the innovation come from? (technology/market/value) The innovation for the IPod came from the technology of the Walkman since Steve jobs was having problems with the current Walkman that was cussing problems when playing music. The innovation also came from the market since the IPod plays music so that target market will be different then the regular target
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b. Did Apple focus on the existing core customers? In creation the IPod, apple focused on the core customers since they were loyal so apple made it for them. It can also be said that apple focused on new customers when they were making the IPod since the target market is different from the core

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