Apple's Core Brand Case Study

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a. According to Interbrand (2016), Apple is the top brand worldwide. Why does this brand command so much respect?
There are a few reasons why Apple is the top brand worldwide. It is the market leader in the technology industry and their rivals are playing catch-up, Samsung are beginning to close the gap. However, even if this is correct Apple is set to become the world’s first trillion-dollar brand (Interband 2016). They are constantly challenging themselves to further improve. This obviously stems from the company’s founder Steve Jobs. The company uses innovative technology which has resulted in the continued creation of new products. They do not wait long before bringing out new products. These include Apple Proactive, Apple Pay, Home app,
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What makes a strong brand? How would you measure brand equity?
There are a number of ways that makes a brand strong. A brand “is created by augmenting a core product with distinctive values that distinguish it from the competition” (Class Notes 2016). It is hard to choose designated and universal characteristics that makes a strong brand. It is vital to a have a small ingredient of a few components. These include quality, being memorable, unique and have a long term
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Every company’s most important goal should be to cement the brand in the minds of its target market so that, in the second that a want or need arises, there is the memory of the given brand (Fryer et al 2015). A good positioning strategy by the brand can help this. According to (Class Notes 2016) “brand names can help establish clear differential advantage in minds of consumers”. If customers can remember your brand you can be successful and be a strong brand.

Hardy/ Long term Focus
Another factor of a strong brand is its ability to have a Long term perspective and being hardy. A strong brand needs to always be looking to the future in terms of goals and products. This is needed to generate awareness, communicate brand values and build long term customer loyalty can take many years (Class Notes 2016).
In line with having a long term focus a strong brand needs to be resilient.
Every brand will suffer set-backs particularly in the beginning. The difference that separates the successful brands from those that fail are the plans in place for both moving forward and for finding the way back after failure (Fryer et al

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