Apple Business Ethics Case Study

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• “Side Deals or Side Letters” : Every piece of business dealt by Apple must be in clear written form and should not be altered by means of mouth or writing after the day it goes into effect. Then aside from these specific laws, Apple’s Business Conduct also has sections detailing basic borders for legal behavior, like a section prohibiting corruption practices like “Money Laundering”. “Governments as Customers” In addition to their dedication to the customers as a stakeholder, Apple’s Business Conduct has an entire section dedicated to clarifying the ways in which business should be conducted between Apple and the governments and how to stay ethical in such transactions. • “Governments as Customers”: Before bidding for government business,…show more content…
In Forbes’ “Has Apple Become More Ethical Since Steve Jobs’ Death A Year Ago?”, the general answer is no. The author of the article, Tim Worstall, takes into account the multiple scandals that happens to Apple after Jobs’ death, for example the extreme working conditions for minors in one of their suppliers in China. The Huffington Post states that “when it comes to business ethics, Apple is a follower, not an innovator” (Hawthorne). The article then proceeds to stating the many occasions in which Apple usually let incidents turn into major scandals before Apple opens investigations against them. This really means that Apple has not impose its ethical conduct thoroughly throughout the company. Therefore. according to multiple popular news sources, Apple does not really present as a very ethical corporation. This is on a level understandable providing the number of haters and competitors Apple has that may have had played a hand in exposing these scandals to the public. However, Apple is to blame for such appalling business conduct and ignorance in their monitoring not only Apple premises but also with…show more content…
And if this is the case, its conduct is closely knitted to the success and failure of it. And as the case of other publicly traded tech giants, like Google. And this is a very interesting fact, anything that these tech giant do can be concealed within its company. However, once there is a whistleblower, there will be a ripple effect seen within the company. A scandal will be in the news and the stocks will fall for that specific company. However, judging by the nature of these corporations: oligopoly in an industry that has a very high cost of entry and high rate of bankruptcy, Apple and other tech giants are here to stay and they cannot fail. Because in which case, where will the people get their source of high end tech products that are well-designed and functional by a team of highly trained professionals. There is a reason why Apple and Google survives the scandals. First, technically they have ties that can clean up or just pay settlements for lawsuits from their huge assets. Secondly, these company render themselves indispensable to the customers that we do not really know where to turn to in case they file for bankruptcy. The oligopoly market is set up in a way so that competitors can survive because each is unique and there are so few competitors that they are virtually indispensable even if some ethics atrocity
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