Apple Case Study: Apple's Success In The Technology Industry

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The study is related with the case study of Apple Company and the study would like to discuss about the strategy adopted by APPLE to penetrate and survive in the highly competitive market of consumer electronics. Also, the study would like to discuss what Nokia could have done differently to sustain its initial dominance in the technology industry.

Question 1 –Apple Strategy
The invention of Apple iPod in 2001 and the iPhone in 2007 made a significant shift towards the strategy of Apple and it supported to be competitive in this competitive market. Apply company established in 1976 and they started their business with the innovation of personal computers. Earlier, Apple used the strategy like not sharing their software to others and recently
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Apple Company takes initiatives towards retaining the reliability and high quality in their products. The strategy developed in terms of their products is the simplicity and premium user experience. Hence, the product strategy is at the core of the marketing strategy of Apple Company. The products named MacBook; iTunes; iPad; and iPhone becomes the best products of Apple Company and they conquered the market with high reputation and image for the company. The success of these products are they are high intuitive and user friendly while comparing to other products in the market.

The design of the product was another strategy developed by Apple Company to obtain the competitive advantages. Most of the Apple Company products are designed in a simplicity format and it attracted by the consumers and their products are become popular in the world. The Apple Company products are providing a premium user experience through innovative features and the design considerations. The credibility and reliability of iPhone revolutionized the mobile concepts of the pubic and iPhone attracted by the public easily and it contributed towards the success of Apple Company
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Consequently, it has been noticed that there are many negatives belongs to Nokia Company and they are mature phone market; the music service of Nokia has no clear sustainable advantages; and little involvement in to the music market. These features and characteristics of Nokia Company turned the company to be failure in their business. If Nokia Company should take these points as a serious in their business strategy, the company can become competitive in the

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