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Topic: Apple cider vinegar is a liquid substance that some people might consider as the worst tasting thing on the face of this entire planet. Unfortunately for them, apple cider vinegar has many proven health benefits. Apple cider vinegar comes from the over 2,000,000 cider apple trees currently thriving in the U.S. The sour liquid is made by squeezing apples and taking the liquid. Then, yeast and bacteria are added to start turning the substance into alcohol. This process is called the alcohol fermentation process. Once the mixture turns into alcohol, acetobacter aceti (a type of bacteria) is added to the alcohol to start the other fermentation process. Once the bacteria is added, the vinegar is left to sit untouched for many weeks. For each week that passes, the alcohol turns more into vinegar and the taste get less sour. After those few weeks, the apple cider vinegar is ready to be bottled up and sent off to the grocery stores.…show more content…
some health benefits of apple cider vinegar is that it can stop hiccups, sooth a sore throat, help slow down cancer, and help people lose weight. For stopping hiccups, apple cider vinegar works because the bacteria overstimulates the all of the nerves in the throat that are the cause of hiccups. For the same reason, the vinegar also helps sooth a sore throat. Additionally, the apple cider vinegar can help stop cancer. Apple cider vinegar has qualities that prove that it can kill cancer cells and help shrink tumors. This vinegar can also really help people lose weight. Apple cider vinegar is proven to make people feel full making them eat 200-275 fewer calories than they would have without apple cider vinegar. This is because vinegar is high in carbohydrates and when cells have carbohydrates to turn into sugar, they do not focus on fat. This ends up making people less hungry and helping them to lose

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