Apple Company Comparison Essay

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Comparison between a local and international company People Orientation: In Apple company they respect every employees. Wherever they come from and what parts they focus on. Team Orientation: As a technological company they do have lots of team work. There are many different territories essences work together to research and development of new products. Aggressiveness: Employees who work for Apple company, they support each other’s work. And they help other’s work when they finish their own work. Outcome: They try produce the high quality and wide applicable people products. They want to use the technological to convince human’s life. Innovation: Tim Cook said “Diversity is critical to innovation and it is essential to Apple’s future,” Therefore, the Apple company pays attention to creativeness , and their team has innovative thinking.…show more content…
First, visit the factory to ensure that manufacturing capability and on the premise of quality assurance whether it can satisfy the requirements of the order in time. Second is negotiations and supervision. (Improve the bargaining power to reduce risk., when negotiating pay more attention to the quality of the product, after ordering ,company will assigned to monitoring at different stages of the process of production,it is easy to correct the errors and checking the goods before the delivery,because suppliers around the world,if return the problem products, the cost will be higher). Third, understand the suppliers of suppliers to visibility of the supply chain can reduce the problem products and the risk of intellectual property being stolen,also it can control cost.The last one is offer to help,such as share methods of increase production to help suppliers improve profits and training the skill of employees of
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