Apple's Competitive Advantage Analysis

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This essay revolves around how a company’s competitive advantage is influenced by employee involvement and the integration of job design. As such, it is necessary to understand what these two concepts refer to and how they are related with competitive advantage. These factors are all integral to effective operations management in any organization. As such, one needs understanding of the ideal structure for optimal maximization of these principles and the consequences that the lack thereof has. Apple is a consumer Electronics Company based in Cupertino, California. It is considered as one of the market giants in the electronics consumer market. The company’s competitive advantage is centered on its unique range of products that include: I-phone,…show more content…
This analysis also includes determining whether the competitive advantage will last for the long haul (Jubak, 2014). The strategies that the company implements should also correlate with the competitive advantage that the firm has in the market. Apple had a different concept about personal computers and their future. This is what catapulted the company to the front of the pack leaving behemoth companies such as IBM trailing behind. In addition, the company ensured that it curved a niche for itself in the market. The Macintosh computer is a product that could not be imitated by hardware companies and it was not compatible with vertically non-integrated computer software. So to get the software, one had to buy the added advantage that Apple had is its products were user friendly which made them very popular. The user-friendly nature of Macintosh helped to increase the competitive advantage that the company had in the market (Prasad, 2009). This competitive advantage was maintained for ten year when Microsoft developed…show more content…
The HR must develop strategies, which help to foster low attrition as well as higher productivity. These two factors contribute to the company’s ability to have a competitive edge. Examples of strategies that the company can adopt are having allowances and bonuses for exemplary employees. Employee surveys are also important as they help management gauge how satisfied their staffs are as well as develop strategies on how to improve. Trainings and seminars that are company sponsored help motivate employees to be better and aspire to grow within the company. They also create the impression that the company is people focused and values its employee’s growth. Many employees at Apple attested to one feature that they loved about the company; fun. That made it worthwhile to go to work even if the pay was not at a rate that they approved of or competition in the market was fierce. Apple has singled itself out as a company that embodies creativity and the ability to have fun. That is one core element that has strengthened its competitive edge and made it the leader in the consumer tech market that it is

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