Apple Consumer Behavior Case Study

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1. INTRODUCTION Apple Inc. Official, a famous IT company in the world, began with a computer. They produce electronic gadgets with a good quality and attractive over the year. With their massive success, however, they are actually having problems, regardless internal or external problems. The website of the company has all the support services which is available for the clients. If the product is not functioning properly the client can check it on the website and fix the problem. Consumers can get the helpful information about the product and can also download support systems. Company has different services centres all over the world. 2. MARKETING ENVIRONMENT that affect APPLE Co.’s service to customers. 2.1 DEMOGRAPHIC ENVIRONMENT Focusing…show more content…
targets the younger generations with more advanced technologies for examples teenagers .The iPhone, iPod and mac computers are spread worldwide. The company 's target includes almost all sectors of the society. Its targeted consumer is for younger and the older generation, Boys and girls. They have designed the gadgets colours according to it. Most of them in the UK and the US are using apple Co. products from iPod to the iPhone. 3. Factor Influence Apple’s Consumer Buying Behaviour 3.1 PSYCHOLOGICAL FACTORS 3.1.1 One of the major factors that influence consumer buyer behaviour is psychological factors. Psychological factors can be distribute into five categories, that is motivation, perception, learning ,beliefs and attitudes and this all can influence a person’s buying choices. 3.1.2 The first psychological factor is motivation. Motivation can be defined as a need that is sufficiently pressing to direct the person to seek satisfaction of the need. What usually works on motivation is Maslow’s ‘hierarchy of needs’. For example, what usually triggers one’s motivation to buy an Apple product is Self-fulfilment. If a person really wants to buy an Apple phone product but the price is very expensive, this will become one of the needs that turns a on a motivation which influence the person to purchase the Apple brand hand phone. Below is the Maslow’s hierarchy of…show more content…
Learning describes the changes in an individual’s behaviour arising from experience and verifies that most human behaviour is learned. For example, when you go to somewhere, different countries have different background and also have different products. If the community or one’s friends has a majority number of iPhone users, they will eventually introduce and give us the information about an iPhone or Apple products that they use. Thus these are one of the factors that trigger Apple users to buy Apple products. In addition, the next psychological factors, beliefs. From doing and learning, people will also obtain beliefs and attitudes. Belief is a descriptive thought that a person has about something such as iPhone. For example, if we saw many people use Apple brand things such as iPhone, they will give their own opinion about iPhone. If the opinion is good, we will believe and also use iPhone. 3.1.5 The last psychological factor is attitude. An attitude shows that a person’s relatively consist evaluations, feelings, and tendencies toward an object or idea. For example, our phone buyer gadgets hold attitudes such as “Buy the best“, the Apple products has become the best electronics products in the world. So that, a person’s attitude can help themselves to recognize what is good and what is no good for our daily life. 3.2 PERSONAL

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