Apple Implementation Analysis

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Implementation, evaluation and control can be equated to the three legs of a seat, if remove one the seat will fall down to the land. If you take out one of these components from a marketing plan, it falls apart, and the plan won't succeed. All three are necessary for the successful completion of marketing activities that support businesses achieve their strategic goals.

6.1 Implementation

According to Charles W. Lamb 2011, “implementation is the process that turns a marketing plan into action assignments and ensures that these assignments are executed in a way that accomplishes the plans objectives.”
An implementation plan is a management instrument designed to show, in detail, the critical
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Many people assume if they sell their products at prices much cheaper than competitors, customers will choose to buy their products. Is this statement true? Do such strategy adopted by Apple Inc? Not at all. Apple Inc believes in different strategies. Cheap can sometimes represent a less quality product. Most of the products Apple Inc were priced at generally twice as expensive than competitor's product price. What about Apple Inc products more expensive can attract customers to buy it. The answer to this question is because Apple Inc created the product and customers not only love it but feel terrible to have it. They will feel very jealous if of them first use Apple Inc…show more content…
Brand loyalty is hard to come and consumer will always buy the next thing. In this report, marketing of company Apple had maintained a strong sale and uses a differentiation business strategy in creation of their products. Although Apple has problem too. Technology is a very competition weapon in this competition market. Apple also must do more R&D to make products better than another competitor, example Samsung, acer, Sony, and HTC.
A SWOT analysis was done to recognize the strengths and weakness of Apple with the opportunities and threats that company will facing in the future. The company also spending a lot of money on development of new product to achieve customer requirements nowadays. The analysis helped company to identifying the success factors and to solve the problems to be faced, example customer requirements of the product is getting higher with the change of technology. This is the reasons company must to improve their product to achieve customer’s

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