Apple Inc Code Of Conduct

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Apple Inc. is one of the largest and most successful corporations not only in today’s world, but throughout history. They have, year after year, proved that they are more than capable of providing their consumers with products that fit their needs and help enrich their everyday lives. Not only do they provide the here and now needs of consumers but Apple Inc. also looks to the future and what needs consumers will have to come. They have had an abundant amount of success in the world of technology. Apple Inc. is an immensely large company that provides enormous number of products to its consumers in order to meet the demands of consumers Apple Inc. has to outsource much of its production to other companies, many of those being located outside…show more content…
Under the portion of Labor and Human Rights are the following polices anti-discrimination, anti-harassment and abuse, prevention of involuntary labor and human trafficking, prevention of underage labor, juvenile worker protection, student worker protection, working hours, wages and benefits, freedom of association and collective bargaining, grievance systems. In Health and Safety section there are codes that include health and safety permits, occupational health and safety management, emergency preparedness and response, incident management, working and living conditions. The environment selection covers details on regulated substances, hazardous waste, non-hazardous waste, wastewater, storm water, air emissions, boundary noise management, pollution prevention and resource of minerals. ("Apple Supplier Code of Conduct," 2017) All of these are part of the Code of Conduct that is required of all suppliers that are in partnership with Apple. Inc. to be in compliance with and adhered to in order to maintain a healthy working relationship and accountability as a supplier…show more content…
uncovers a Code of Conduct violation at their suppliers’ facilities, they work with them to correct the violations and teach their partners how to proactively prevent any future issues. The compliance of these rules with suppliers is key to Apple Inc. success and is why they perform continuous audits to prove they are staying within the guidelines of success and help improve them. One recent change Apple Inc. implemented an expanded supplier partnership effort by providing customized in-person consultation to low and medium performers through a program called Subject Matter Expert (SME). This program consists of experts in all fields of day to day operations including labor laws, safety risk assessment and control, chemical engineering and industrial hygiene, machine and electrical safety engineering, and wastewater, storm water, and air emission system design. Apple Inc learned of a serious environmental health hazards in the Dynacast facility located in China that required immediate attention after an audit. The SME program over a course of 6 months coached the Dynacast staff in Apple’s standards and helped them deploy company changes that resulted in standardization of waste labels and signage, installation of anti-leakage flooring in hazardous waste storage areas, adding emergency and spill kits in storage areas, and enhancement of secondary containment, developed a new storm water management process. All of these improvements showed significant increases
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