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Political/Legal Segment Political segment becomes a significant influence on Apple Inc.’s in establishing their business all over the world. However, as a company, Apple Inc. is not able to regulate the political segment. It is mentioned that majority of their sales is obtained from other countries outside the United States. Therefore, Apple Inc. needs to lower their production cost by moving their production assembly to other countries. However, some concerns may arise between the United States and those countries, such as bad international relation, public issues, and others. Thus, some concerns between these parties may give a bad impact for Apple Inc. It turns out that Apple Inc. has moved their major production to China. The reason behind…show more content…
utilizes technology to create a “globalization” advanced quicker and broader. Technology and its virtual world become an enormous business prospect for Apple Inc. Moreover, Apple Inc. establishes their position by developing “design and virtual media” and becomes a culture or lifestyle for people nowadays. Apple Inc. becomes a representation of an up-to-date lifestyle among people.
The sociocultural segment also important associated with the sales of Apple Inc.’s products. In the several eastern countries, the sociocultural segment may impact consumer’s selection of smartphone products. Because some of Apple Inc. products’ features do not suit the lifestyle of eastern countries’ consumers. Instead, Apple Inc.’s products are suited to the lifestyle of western countries’ consumers.
In addition, Apple Inc. may utilize African countries market, since those countries are such a great market opportunity for Apple Inc. which people are still curious and inexperienced on Apple Inc.’s products. On the other hand, a great relation between Apple Inc. and China may displease some consumers in other countries, including “North America and Europe, especially if pressure or tension between countries
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since technology becomes broader each day. Therefore, the competitor of Apple Inc. would also increase due to those factors. The competition between Apple Inc. and its competitors becomes more complex nowadays since technology has a very dynamic process and result in the “short lifetime” of the technology itself. Therefore, Apple Inc. should improve their products by focusing and investing more in their “Research and Product Development.” For example, Apple builds and utilize its own operating system, while Dell, as its competitor, adopts Microsoft’s operating

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