Swot Analysis Of Ansoff Growth Matrix

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A strategy is regarded as a plan or policy that will enable an organization to achieve its future objectives, targets or goals in the most efficient way thereby increasing the organizational prosperity.
Mission statement:
A mission statement projects the objectives of an organization and its purpose to serve the stakeholders of the organization.
Vision is regarded as the future targets of the organization. A vision statement simply states the level where the organization plans to find itself in the future.
The objectives of an organization consist of the targets that it aims to achieve.
A goal is a form of target that an organization sets to be achieved within a specified time. It will be difficult for
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is one of the leading companies in the segment relating to computing and mobile technology and the organization over the years of its operations has created a strong stand point in the global market. The company is at its high growth phase and it will be beneficial to analyze the competitive advantage of the concern and for that purpose the Ansoff’s Growth Matrix will be used. The Ansoff’s Growth Matrix can be defined as a tool that helps in increasing the sales of an organization. This matrix has four different levels of strategy. The organization has increased its capacity and has acquired a larger position in the global market. The matrix has been divided into four parts and each part consists of separate risks (Grünig, Kühn and Kühn,…show more content…
The factors relating to competition and market participants are needed to be considered in this case.
Apple in this segment should develop new strategies towards to avoid the risks by developing new products and entering in other segments. The company should consider the existent demand and economic factors as they can create issues.
AC 1.3 Explain different planning techniques that organizations can use
Planning techniques are useful in creating different plans and strategies of an organization that can increase its efficiency.
The various planning techniques can be explained in the context of Apple Inc are given below:
BCG growth Matrix:
The Boston Consulting Group Growth matrix is regarded as one of the most efficient planning techniques that the managers of an organization utilize for the purpose of planning the product portfolio of the organization. At first the managers creates the product portfolio by segregating the products into those who generate cash and those who do not. And after this phase

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