Apple Innovation Case Study

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Introduction Innovation is very important for any competitive company, because by innovation company can improve and enhance the performance and help to growth and stability at the global market. Also by the innovation company can get more of market share. almost the company spend more of many for innovation to get more of market share but in fact spend more of money to get more of innovation is not the right way. The study revealed the biggest 10 company in the world are not spend more many for innovation but they have other way can keep them at the top. Here in this essay we will try to explain some of that ways for the top 10 most innovative companies in the world, and how they do it. There are a lot of definition for core competencies…show more content…
What is more important is to build on the capabilities of the company and connect them to its global business strategy in order to enhance performance and growth. Apple was found in 1976 and it is the world’s number one company, has a amount full of lessons to be learnt from its success story. Started by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne, As many claim, Steve jobs was a very feeble eater and hence came the name Apple- his favorite food. With the establishment of the first Macintosh in the year 1984, Apple had launched a product which no one could duplicate and from there onwards the success story begins. The core competencies of Apple are robust. It is very hard to imitate the Apple products and this gives it the control over its competitors. It has a closed proprietary system and is very consistent in its product portfolio development. If any company divert its business altogether or try to diversify too much in product line than there are chances that it will lose its core competency and apple is the successful among…show more content…
Actually, it is considered as an American and more than one national company who aim to design, improve and sell electronics of consumers. In addition, it is responsible for selling online services such as iOS App store, iCloud, and Apple music. Moreover, it contains computer software like iOS, safari browser and macros. Besides to its computer software, Apple Company includes a number of hardware products such as iPhone smartphone, iPad notebook computer, the portable iPod, and Apple TV media player. About Apple innovation, it invented by a number of scholars; their names are Steve jobs, Ronald Wayne, and Steve Wozniak in April 1976 in order to improve the personal computers. For its budget and the number of employees ,it is found that Apple company has valued around US $700 billion and it has become as the first U.S company.115,0000 is the number of employees that Apple firm employ annually for full time. About its latest innovations, there are many. For instance, MacBook, it is a consumer found in 2005 and considered as sub desktop. MacBook profound in 2006 and considered as a professional tablet. IMac which found in 1998 and considered as all in one desktop. MacBook air that found in 2008 which is considered as an ultra-thin holder tablet .iPod, which is found on October, 2001.It is considered now as the leader of market in the field of music players.350 million and more than it of units charged. Nowadays, Apple sells

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