Marketing Mix Strategy Of Apple

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Question 3.2 (P.C.3.2) Research a company. Assess internal and external factors for their influence on pricing decisions, quality and customer service. Internal factors must include marketing objectives, marketing mix strategy, costs and organisational considerations. External factors must include nature of the market and demand, competition, other environmental, resellers, and government. Internal Factors- Marketing Mix Strategy- . The top quality products of the apple include: I pad, IPod, Mac book. The product, price, place, promotion has been done in various types keeping in mind the pricing decisions, quality and customer service. Cost- I phone is very costly because of their design and brand. They never give discount on their product…show more content…
Question 4.2 (P.C.4.2) Establish customer service strategies and quality standard that provide processes for effective communication and monitoring of customer service and quality throughout the enterprise chosen in Question 4.1. To establish effective communication and monitoring of customer service is that apple should provide their employees excellent product knowledge. They should train their employees in customer empathy to exceed the sales. Resolve customer issues at their first point of contact. Apple should empower their employees to make customers happy. They should keep their promises that they made to customer. Question 4.3 (P.C.4.3) Establish customer service strategies that define service goals in relation to the chosen company’s product, pricing, distribution and promotion…show more content…
You will need a basic roadmap on where you are now, and where you are going. For example, if providing excellent customer service were your main objective, you would need to come up with a strategy to make sure the customers are satisfied in every way. Question 4.6 (P.C.4.6) Determine customer service strategies that establish relationship-marketing criteria. As apple is already very famous among the people around the globe so that its relationship is already very good. They always provide plenty of things in their products so that their customers cannot go away to any other brand. They have marketing strategy of launching their product at perfect time that helps them building more relationship-marketing criteria. Question 4.7 (P.C.4.7) Identify customer service strategies that establish processes for the recognition of cultural and ethnic values and expectations. As cultural and ethnic values plays huge roles in any products success or fail, Apple have sort out those things because launch their product on special occasions in different countries. Because customers tends to live life and carried away according to cultural beliefs so every company have to keep in mind about these beliefs, values and
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