Apple Logo Analysis

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Apple Logo
Apple Inc. is probably the biggest name in the world of consumer electronics and computer industries. A true innovator, the company is best known for its Mac line of computers, the iPhone, the iPad and the iPod. A few of its famous software products include the iTunes, the Safari browser and the OS X and iOS operating systems.

Apple was founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. It is now the biggest technology company in the world with total assets of US$ 176 billion, 394 retails stores and 72,800 employees across the globe as of 2012.
DESIGN ELEMENTS, HISTORY AND EVOLUTION OF APPLE LOGO The Apple logo is undoubtedly one of the greatest and the most famous logos ever created, having an interesting story behind
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The emblem is also supposed to be paying a tribute to Alan Mathison Turing (1912-1954), the undisputed founding father of computer science, who allegedly committed suicide by eating a cyanide-poisoned apple. After 1998, the rainbow theme was discarded and several monochromatic themes were introduced.
Shape of the Apple Logo
The Apple logo consists of an apple which is bitten from the right. It also contains a leaf that is also tilted towards the right side.
Colors of the Apple Logo
The glass-theme version of the Apple logo represents authenticity, innovation and supremacy of the company.

Meaning of Apple Logo
The Apple logo is derived from the story of Adam and Eve in the Bible. The bitten apple represents the fruit from the “Tree of Knowledge”.

Transformation of logo
Apple Computer Co.

This logo was designed by Ronald Wayne. The border reads "Newton…A Mind Forever Voyaging Through Strange Seas of
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RJ: Yes, I was working for an advertising and public relations agency called Regis McKenna and I was an art director.
CB: Have you met Steve Jobs?
RJ: Sure. The first time must have been that first year. It was before he got his company started. So it was just Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Mike Markkula. His was the elder guy who corralled these young entrepreneurs. And I think it's because of Mike Markkula is how the account wound up at our agency. He was friends with my boss Regis McKenna.

CB: Did you get a brief from them?
RJ: Really there was no brief. But the really funny thing was the only direction we got from Steve Jobs is: "don't make it cute". There were briefs on subsequent jobs. First there was the logo, then there was an introductory ad and a sales brochure for the upcoming introduction. But it was pretty loose at that time. There was a logo previous to my logo. It was a logo done by Ron Wayne who was a very brief partner of the two Steves early on. He later took a buy-out, because he was a little concerned about the financial obligations he might have. He had a young family and the other guys didn't. Ron did a pen and ink drawing of Sir Isaac Newton sitting under an Apple tree with a poem all around the border. And, I think when Steve Jobs started to get serious about the Apple II and getting a prototype for the design of the shell he realized that logo would not do. So he needed a new

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