Apple Macro Environment Analysis

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3.0 Macro Environment that Effects Apple Social-cultural, technology, economic, political and legislation is the elements of macro environment that effects Apple which are described as below: 3.1 Social-cultural ITunes is Apple’s biggest virtual media store. In general, the image of the Apple also depicts the modern individual lifestyle, combining function and conception, resulting in brand recognition and commitment. In conditions of the demographic features, Apple is targeting the two major generations. One generation is mainly consists of working adults, where they might sustain a higher and stable income to purchase Apple’s expensive and complex equipment. Thusly, the sophisticated and high-tech Apple products would definitely…show more content…
Further, the growth of the world’s economy was also very slow in 2012 and was expected to be same in 2013-14 as obvious. Apple has been affected by a crisis such as the change in American regional sales for the current year was 9% in 2012-13 compared to 50% of 2011-12, in Europe, 4% in comparison to 31% and in greater China 13% in comparison to 78% (Apple INC, 2012). The unemployment rate in U.S was 7.9 during 2012- 13, 4.1 in China and 4.6 in Japan, was one of the significant causes of the downturn in sales growth (Trading Economics, n.d). Euro crisis, U.S fiscal problems and hard landing of large developing countries will likely continue in the coming couple of years leading Apple to more toughen economic situations (IMF, 2013). Moreover, stringing dollars had also source of problem for Apple product prices, transportation cost and profit margins (Apple INC, 2012). 4.0 Recommendation to Improve Management of the Macro Environment of Apple Dominating the various manufacturers that Apple serves in while at the same time getting a respectable profit for the shareholders and contributing to the improvement of the guild at large is Apple’s main aim. Referable to the nature of the industry, Apple thus needs to adopt effective recommendations that will insure long term sustainability and improve the macro environment of the organisation.…show more content…
Besides, there exists the need for the company to be more involved in corporate social obligation even though Apple has an existing corporate social responsibility schemes in place. Some of the first steps that Apple might be involved in, would be validation of technological schools in rising countries, donation of unsold stocks of learning institutions in developing countries and setting up cheaper models of Apple computers known as Mac for schools in order to develop

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