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Q1a. MARKET STRUCTURE OF APPLE INC Apple Inc. operates different types of market structure in terms of their different products. In the smart phone business, they happen to be one of the major players with their different models of the “iphone” which makes them operate in an oligopolistic market. Oligopoly arises when there is an imperfect competition in which there are just few firms producing similar products. As a result of high competition, monopolies, interdependence among firms there are just a few big players having the market power and making it very difficult for new firms to penetrate the market with their products. For Instance, Apple and Samsung are the dominant companies manufacturing smart phones alongside other players like…show more content…
is known as Corporation. Apple Inc. is one of the leading organizations in technology all over the world, the company had to convert its form of business organization to the corporate form so as to enable them raise the capital needed for expansion and development of new products. A corporation is legal and separate from the owner; they operate on set bylaws and procedures which regulates their operations and decision making process. These bylaws guide the stakeholders in electing the board of directors who then pick the managers. The managers are expected to run the organization with the interests of the stakeholders at heart. When there is a transfer in ownership of a corporation, it does not affect the continuity of the…show more content…
has made structural changes like embracing decentralization in decision making, encouraging creativity at all levels so as to better suit market demands. Apple Inc. consists of eight board members, The Chief Executive Officer, Senior vice presidents, Vice presidents as well as other team leads. The main features of their organizational structure are functional based grouping and product based grouping. The Senior VPs handle different functions as marketing, branding, advertising, sales while the VPs handle different product lines such as the IPADS, IPODS, MACBOOKS etc and they all report to the CEO. These features only permit flexibility to an extent and therefore hindering rapid changes because major decision making still has to come from the CEO Tim

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