Apple Marketing Strategy: Swot Analysis Of Apple

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Question 1
1.1) Production orientation: The focus of the business is to reduce the cost of mass production in order for the business to be more profitable by reaching economies of scale. Orientation can still be effective for commodity products such as coal.

Sales orientation: The focus is to make, advertise and promote the product thereby increasing demand. This approach is used by organisations that are concerned with the number of products sold rather than the customer’s needs and wants. The ‘two for one’ bundle is an example where the second product is seen as ‘free’.

Marketing orientation: Companies identify the consumers’ needs and wants and customize their offerings to satisfy consumers’ while remaining profitable. The focus
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2.2) Swot analysis of Apple product
Internal Environment
Strengths Weaknesses
 Their brand is globally recognised because of effective marketing strategies.  Their product is expensive.
 Global distribution and product support of all Apple product. Apple product is sold worldwide.  Limited products means users with specific needs will switch to alternatives.
 Diverse product such as iPod, iPad, mac pad, iPhone and iTunes.  Apples software isn’t user friendly in that it only interfaces with other i-product e.g. your iPhone will not back up on anything other than apple product.
External Environment
Opportunities Threats
 Produce lower end and affordable products.  There are cheaper products available such as Samsung, Huawei, and Nokia.
 The appeal for other apple devices,  People would rather use android because it is cheaper and works the same way.
 Corporate environments seamless integration.  Other Smartphone manufacturers e.g. Samsung, Huawei.

Question 3
3.1) Individual influences that influence the consumer decision-making

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