Organizational Behavior Of Apple Company Essay

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INTRODUCTION Apple today is one of largest, top grossing organizations but this has not always been the case with the company. Apple went through major issues and experienced its worst phase in 1997 when it had to incur losses amounting to almost $ 1.6 billion. The organization rose again and had to begin from almost the scratch. There have been major organizational changes that brought about this change and helped Apple move from losses in 1997 to be one of the highest grossing companies in 2010. This report will seek to discover the main organizational changes that led to such huge upturn for the company and brought it to the position that it is at today. Apple was launched in 1976 by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak as a computer manufacturing company. Later, the company had to fire Steve Jobs in 1983 because the directors ousted Steve due to his dominating leadership style. In 1997, when the company was going through heavy losses, it hired back Steve Jobs in an attempt to undo all the losses. Whatever Apple is now can be credited to Steve Job and his leadership style. In order to understand what Steve Jobs did, it is important to first understand Apple’s organizational culture and Jobs’ leadership…show more content…
Duplicating Apple’s strategy might not generate the exact same results as it did with Apple, the main reason being that Apple is a very agile organization. It has successfully shifted from one market to another and diversified into various lines. Not only has Apple come up with various products including iPods, iPad, iPhone, iWatch, MacBook, etc., it has also tapped many new markets all over the globe. The customer base of Apple is so diverse today that it can be seen that every other person owns at least one product from the

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