Apple Personal Computer Evolution

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Apple personal computer evolution
Apple I – 1976-1977
Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs designed and hand-built it in family garage in 1976. 200 was produced and sold at $666.66 and customers had to built their own case. The company came up with philosophy: providing consumers with the easiest PC on the market to use.

Apple II – 1977-1993
Jobs chose to put rainbow colors in Apple logo to reflect the Apple II’s color output. The first color graphic set Apple II outstanding from its rivals in the market. Floppy disk drive (1978) and spreadsheet program VisiCalc (1979) made it a winner. The user-friendly design and graphical display were finally pushing Apple be a leader in the first decade of personal computing. The Apple II was a fully realized
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Macintosh was being the first desktop computer to market with an intuitive Graphical user interface and memory 512KB expandable to 2MB. It was successful that the company ran out of the parts necessary to build it.

Macintosh Color Classic – 1990-1993
This was a first color compact Macintosh personal computer. Apple Macintosh Classic features an 8 MHz 68000 processor, 1 MB of 2 MB of RAM and either a 1.44 MB disk drive or a 1.44 MB disk drive and a 40 MB hard drive in a sleek, compact all-in-one case with a 9" monochrome display. Macintosh classic came with reasonable price $999. It was a good choice for word processing and spreadsheet.

iMac G3 1998-2003
Apple completely revolutionized the desktop computer industry. A line of personal computer developed. The iMac was a representative of radical change in terms of design and functions. It came up with many features such as a modem; connect to the Internet, record sounds using an analog microphone, USB: connect printers, disk drives, digital camera. The iMac G3’s were available in various colors with CRT monitor. Johnathan Ive, the designer of iMac G3 and was later the mastermind of the Cube, MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iPhone and iPad. It was successful and caught consumers attention also iMac G3 saved Apple from financial despair, and was the first product released after Steve Jobs'
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It was out of the box of personal computer and gave consumers a new computer experience. Its stylish was modern and convenient all-in-one design. Moreover the Ram and Airport could upgrade easily
The model Macintosh was able to boot both Classic Mac OS and the newly developed Mac OS X. Even though, there were no memory expansions, PCI slots and extra hard drive bays, the advanced operating system iMac has already satisfied consumers and shown the grade of consumers in PC market that helped a company financial situation during a time of

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