Apple SWOT Analysis: Swot Analysis Of Apple

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Swot Analysis: Apple is a very successful producer of computer software and hardware that leads in its competitive industry. The SWOT analysis is used to evaluate the progress and faults of the company. It is a strategic planning tool used to estimate the performance of the company. This model is used to help it identify the areas that need improvement and the areas that prove to be successful. Strengths: Apple is known for its loyal consumers who purchase its products for quality despite its price. Apple has ascended to a brand of distinction in the computer industry.Its customer service department is monumental and highly respected by consumers. Apple plans to maintain its position through organizational stability and creativity. • Strong brand image. • Advanced smart phone technology. • Application/update availability. • Selective providers. Weaknesses: Advanced technology is being developed and produced for customers consequently, Apple is faced with the complicated task of ensuring consistency and quality within its products. It is advantageous that Apple continue to invest in its Research and Development department to stay competitive. Apple is a seemingly financially stable organization; its lack of debt is a potential weakness for the infrastructure because it creates potential risk for stock acquisition by other corporations. • Limited product selection. • New entrant stage. • International markets. • Insufficient network/system Opportunities: The

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