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Social performance of organizations Apple is an American multinational co-operation that focuses on the design, manufacture and marketing of computers and mobile phones. The company was started in 1970 by Steve Jobs and his friend Steve Wozniack. Since its creation, Apple Company has been successful and thrived well in the computing market because of their many products that are user friendly. Their products and services are extremely unique and matches very well with the customer’s taste. Both software and hardware engineers of the Apple company work very hard to continuously create new and amazing features in their products. It is this loyalty to their customers by providing high quality products that has kept the company at the top ranking.…show more content…
There is quite a number of things that the company’s stake holders can do to influence the financial performance of the Apple Company. The primary stake holders can influence the company’s financial performance through the governance, customers, their employees, suppliers and even the surrounding communities. Governance involves developing visions and objectives for the company and therefore if the stake holders focus on both their social and environmental responsibilities, they will make their company in general and products appealing to the customers therefore maximizing profits (Yeh and Trejos, 2015). In addition, it is obvious that every consumer needs satisfaction from every product they buy. Therefore if Apple stake holders are able to satisfy their customers and establish long-term relations, the customers will develop brand loyalty and in return, more sales yielding more…show more content…
All decisions made by a company affects the surrounding communities and therefore the stakeholders should ensure that they make decisions that are in favor of those communities. When making decisions, they should have in mind all the ethical considerations and ensuring that the communities are involved in local events. That way, the company creates for themselves a good image in the eyes of the customers and therefore encouraging them to use their products. Controversial corporate social responsibility concern associated with Apple Apple has been accused of conducting business with companies that have violated the law. For example, Foxcon are their suppliers and are known to violate the laws such as using poisonous chemicals. They forced the employees to use these chemicals to clean the iPad screens which led to an explosion killing people and others injured (Duhigg and Barboza, 2012). In addition to that, Apple has found itself in a crisis over the Chinese workers who are overworked and work under poor conditions (Chan and Cole, 2015). This raised eye brows sine it’s a violation of the workers’ health and safety

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