Apple Strengths And Swot Analysis: SWOT Analysis Of Apple

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SWOT Analysis: Strengths: Apple has a very unique strength which is the fact that they have created their own software and hardware, which gives them a very competitive edge in comparison to its competitors; they give their customers this feeling of exclusivity as their software is only compatible with their products, with little to none other brands being able to access their software on their devices. They are very bold when it comes to innovation, and so always mange to surprise their customers with their new products example when they removed the headphone jack. Apple has a very loyal customer base, which helps in bringing in new customers, as they have many recommendations from friends and family. Their biggest competitor is Samsung Electronics,…show more content…
Most of their products are incompatible with other brands products as they have their own exclusive software. Apple’s obsession with bringing out a perfect product has left them behind the competition in terms of pace of innovation this is because Apple cannot release any device and test it publicly as it could ruin their image so they “play it safe” and release their products with technology that they know won’t fail, leaving them a few steps behind the competition, in terms of technological advancements. Their new products that are released don’t have significant changes and advancements from old versions of their products, unlike their competitors which all have something new for the…show more content…
Product diversification, they should start investing more in research and development this with all their advancements in technology they can make products that are more compatible with other software and hardware, which will help with the company’s growth. They could also make products that are sold at a cheaper price, but at a lower quality to save on cost so that they can expand their target market to all classes rather than having only the upper and middle class being attracted to their products. They also have a high rising demand for their Smart phones and tablets which will motivate them to create better quality products within the tablet and smart phone segment, considering their biggest and most profitable device is the
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