Apple Vs Samsung Case Study

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Over the past several years, Apple and Samsung have dominated the smartphone market and while doing that, they have ignited a rivalry. For years, Apple and Samsung have clashed and have battled for sales. The demand for smartphones is high, especially for iPhones and Samsung Galaxy’s, and it shows no signs of slowing down. This essay explores the demand of Apple’s iPhones and Samung’s Galaxys and how they compare against each other. The demand for Apple and Samsung is important to follow because they have a large share of the smartphone market, and it will be interesting to see if they can both keep their numbers up. Samsung has been Apple’s fiercest competitor on the smartphone market, and has achieved a great amount of success. The Galaxy…show more content…
Although it was month before the iPhone 6 was released, Samsung reported a staggering 20 percent drop in sales and an even worse 49 percent collapse in its profits because its sales of the Galaxy S5 phone saw big declines in Q2. The major reason for this was that consumers held off from buying the Galaxy S5 and waited for the launch of Apple 's iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus phones in September. In Samsung’s case, I would say that it would lean more towards price inelastic. However, the decrease in sales before the launch of the iPhone 6 shows that Apple has the edge over Samsung in demand. The competition between Apple and Samsung is great thing for consumers because they are forcing each other to improve their products year after year. Competition will always bring out the best and it has certainly been proven after we continuously see how Apple and Samsung evolve. If there was no competition and there was only one phone company, the seller would be able to charge a higher price and offer less quality of their smartphones. We see this in almost every aspect as well with restaurants, clothing brands, music artists. It’s because of competition why they all strive to consistently improve their

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