Apple Watch Marketing Strategy

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Sunday, January 31st, 2016 Internal Assessment Research question: At what extent was Apple´s innovative Apple Watch marketing strategy successful when launching the device? In recent years, cutting edge technology has been the gap through which society had maintained daily basic activities, businesses such as Apple Inc., in the attempt maintain ahead and wider the advantage over potential competitors, seek the innovative development as an important key to better meet the needs and wants of their customers in the future, this factor represents the arise of new chambers in the market as a new opportunity of growth where a proper marketing strategy that involves a correct manage of price and the product features, enabled a beneficial introductory…show more content…
Despite Apple´s Apple Watch was introduced to an already existing market in which competitors had an advantage in the way they were better established upon the matter, statistics of sales and reviews have proven its current success at the level that it gradually dominated the market. According to the article published in the Forbes webpage which makes reference to the reports from Tractica, a market intelligence firm, “the Apple Watch’s share of the smartwatch market could hit 68 per cent by the end of the year.” (Forbes). Source: Forbes These statistics show the market presence of Apple and its competitors in terms of percentage which also resemble sales revenue Apple has from its product, sales revenue does not equate as profit, even though, Apple´s pricing strategies in the introduction stage enable the business to increase the income and perceive a significant difference from its cash outflow and therefore its previous estimated profits justified directly through the business annual report. 10-K Annual Report, Sep 26,…show more content…
Also the material the iWatch is made of varies from one another
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