Apple's Five Forces

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Apple case study:

Table of contents:

1. Abstract
2. Introduction
3. Apple
4. Porters Five Forces
8. Cultural web
9. Findings
10. Critiques
11. Recommendations
12. References


The paper analyses the micro and macro-environmental factors of the Apple Company based on its I-Phone production marketing and sales. The objective of this paper is to analyse and understand the position of Apple with its I-Phone products with relevant tools like Porters Five Forces, PESTLE, SWOT and TOWS. The critics and recommendations are also discussed in this paper.

Apple an introduction:

Apple current status:

Porters five forces:

Competitive Rivalry: (Low)
• Apple has advantage of the price-based rivalries. It
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• The political relations between the countries may influence the sales and marketing of the IPhone in the market and it also affects the production and assembling process.
• War, terrorism and other similar political factors can be a serious threat to the apple IPhone market.

Economical factors:
• One of the major influences for the IPhone products is recession. There is a serious condition of recession going on in the market. As apple is placed as a luxury product, people are giving it a second thought.
• Inflation can be an influence.
• The other major influence is currency and exchange rate. This plays a major role as well.

Socio-cultural factors:
• Apple IPhone products are defined, as luxury products and possession of such products are believed to bring high social status.
• Today technology plays a major role in the socio-cultural factors, IPhone acts as a platform in this criteria,

Technological factors:
• Technology advances very quickly and it changes rapidly.
• Lots of other companies invest lots in the field of technology and come up with new and attractive designs and
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• The laws and regulations vary from country to another. As the company has a large source of its raw materials it might face a lot of troubles due to this fact.


• Apple has a very good brand reputation almost all around the globe, which forms a firm strength for the company. They have achieved this by giving constant quality phones to the market.
• The marketing and promotional activities of apple are very strong and they have been successful so far.
• Apple has a strong financial background.
• Innovation in technology and constant investment in development of technology.
• IOS is not an open source, which has created a brand loyalty among the customers and buyers.
• The retail stores set up by apple is a major advantage over other rivals in the market.

• The price set for the IPhone products by Apple is quite high. IPhone is very expensively priced.
• There are lot of restrictions in the phone such as the operating system IOS is very different, which makes it hard for the customers to use other operating systems in the phone. Also some features like battery, which is fixed, and Bluetooth

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