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1. When a company is formed, it either grows more and more to reach its maximum or it dies due to different reasons/ situations. Building a marketing strategy is vital for every firm. It is very important to set a certain path from the very start to ensure company’s growth and sustainability. In this case, Apple was able to build a competitive advantage and prosper because of its marketing strategies that were set to face various challenges. Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs was able to save his company through a masterful marketing program, product innovation, and entrepreneurial corporate culture. The company adopted a market orientation in which it focused on consumer behavior and was able to collect information about consumers’ current and future…show more content…
The 4Ps consist of the following elements: Product, Price, Place and Promotion. All the four variables of marketing mix are inter-related and affect each other. To start with products, Apple’s revolutionary goods led to its success. The Apple products are known to be the most innovative ones with different and distinctive features along with a very good quality. In addition to the aforementioned, it is widely known that the products that Apple offers are user-friendly. Apple expanded into the consumer electronics industry after it succeeded in the personal computer industry. Some of its products are: Mac computers, iPods and iTunes, iPhones, iPad and the apple store. Of course, all those products were developed based on consumer’s needs and wants. In addition to its innovative products, Apple’s pricing method has also contributed to its success. Apple products are priced high with respect to competitors and this provides Apple with a prestige image and also creates value for targeted customers where Apple promises to offer the best convenient products to its specific segmented consumers. In terms of promotion and distribution, apple encourages the demand of its product through the word of mouth marketing in order to stimulate the emotional buying. Moreover, its advertisements are often simple, arty and recognizable. In terms of place, Apple took the concept of retail…show more content…
It markets itself as a “fast-paced, innovative and collaborative environment.” This environment aims to do things the right way and ensures secrecy. The organizational culture that Steve Jobs created helped the employees and encouraged them to debate and to give different ideas in order to contribute and be a part of the firm’s success. Moreover, the culture motivated all the employees to believe in the vision set in the beginning. The core values found in the culture of Apple are the reason behind their successful products. Additionally, It is the culture that ensures that the customers have a pleasant experience whenever they interact with

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