Apples Potential Impact Of Legal Factors On Apple

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2.0 Situation Analysis
2.1 PEST Political Factors
(CONS) Potential Impact of Legal Factors on Apple
The recent entry of Apple in the highly regulated financial services sector and by offering financial services , could increase the level of regulation, government oversight and litigation . Reports of Apple planning to enter another highly regulated sector of automobile manufacturing could also increase regulatory, insurance and the cost of litigation. Apple is highly vulnerable to piracy and litigation due to their dependence on products such as software and music for its income.

Economic Factors
(PROS) Apple Drives Economic Growth

Apple posted growth and record-setting revenue numbers during the most recent recession, being one of the few bright spots, it provides hope for many. During the past recession Apple has launched the iPod and iPad. Apple reinvigorating the software industry for computers is a point that tends to get overlooked, done by way of apps, but also occurring with desktop and notebook software as well. The iOS design and development has made 210,000 jobs and increasing in the U.S.. The impact Apple has in the U.S. is powerful

(CONS) Potential Impact of Economic Factors on Apple
Increased labor costs in China, stagnating middle-class incomes in developed countries and the increase of a U.S. dollar could withdraw the advantage of cost, reduce the potential market for higher-end consumer goods and cause it to be more costly for apple to do business
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