Application Of Remote Sensing In Civil Engineering

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Application of Remote Sensing in Civil Engineering

In civil engineering field there are many uses of remote sensing. Remote sensing provide a good view of the sites for civil projects. There are many projects where remote sensing proves a great asset for example: Housing, Sanitation, Power, Water supply, Disposal of Sewages, Urban growth, Irrigation project design and planning, Road alignment etc. the natural disasters which cause destruction. In that regions the RS can also be used to
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For example in dam planning, we have to make topographical map of River to find suitable area for making dam and making its plan. Geological maps usually made for the engineering properties of the soil or rocks. RS is also used in selecting the site for bridges and pipelines and for planning of Airports, Harbors and Cities. We use RS to find the slope of water body, its patterns of weathering and sedimentation and the depth of water body at different places. By using all this information we can find best site for our project.
As we know when we make any mega construction project it has some effects on the land in the surrounding of the project. It can soil to weaken and may other problems. But it is extremely difficult to keep an eye on that big area for problems. So its easiest solution is the use for satellite which can help us monitor the whole area very efficiently and if it is causing some problems we can do some solution before it cause serious damage.
Town planning and urban
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In order to create international level cities, we need to know the growth of the population so that civil engineering can design the infrastructure that can withstand that much growth of cities for example, the Drainage, Utility services and transportation system. And for the development of urban regions, RS helps us make the growth models and help us to make plans for the land around cities.
It also helps in managing the resources of different towns or regions and use them to the best plans for the town
Natural resources: By using the satellite systems, we can find the natural resources very easily and with very less cost. For civil engineers, it is quite useful to find the location the construction material for example Rock, sand and clay in the region and use them then to deliver these materials from other regions which would increase the project cost.
Water engineering: When we make a dam it has great effect on the land and water levels of the region. So RS can be used to monitor the plantation and land water levels. It also helps to find the areas for the settlement of people whom villages had to be removed for the dam

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