Applications Of Artificial Intelligence Essay

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Describe the applications of artificial intelligence and their future development

Artificial intelligence (AI, also machine intelligence, MI) is an intelligence displayed by machines. It affects our daily life in many ways, TV, camera and cooker are some of the machines that are newly bounded to it. We can imagine that artificial intelligence is going to have a larger impact on human society. Therefore, we will focus on the common applications of artificial intelligence in daily life, specifically in smartphones and household use, then we will look at the future development of them and try to predict on how artificial intelligence is going to benefit mankind even more.

Application of artificial intelligence in smartphones
The developing technology of artificial intelligence is being applied into various functions regarding smartphones such as acting as a personal assistant, and we are going to start off by describing it at the beginning. Siri (Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface), acting as a personal assistant, does not only understand your
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AI is going to be involved in the huge market and we are going to talk about the application of AI in smartphone future development. The first thing that came to our mind is smartphone can be smarter with the help of advance AI. It can be our “friend” just like any other human being. According to Spruyt (2017) , AI can soon react to our feelings and emotions, which is something that is unique about mankind, making smartphone a reliable partner. If we take into account that AI learns and adepts much faster than humanity, it is very likely that smartphone can be used as a companion to those who suffers from autism or mental condition. That would make AI as a core feature in future smartphone development and benefit mankind in every possible

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