Applied Behavior Analysis Paper

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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) has been used to promote learning and change of behavior using basic principles of behavior analysis. One of the most common applications of ABA is in the field of Autism and Developmental Disabilities. There are individuals who strongly advocate for bringing change through ABA, while there are others who are strongly opposed to it. In this assignment, you will describe both sides of the argument. Find journals or blog entries that seek to strengthen or demean ABA in the field of Autism and other related disabilities. After having listed both arguments, write your perspective on the topic. Based on what you have read and what you have described, do you find merit on either argument? Is there a different point…show more content…
Numerous opinions on autism therapy are stated over time and controversy is strong. A therapy that is most common among autism therapists is Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). ABA teaches the person with autism skills with the use of rewards and punishments, if could be stated as…show more content…
Because basic skills are taught this makes routine easier for the ones involved. In addition, after a substantial period on ABA therapy the person is able to recognize letters and begin to write and communicate with others. This is major success for the families to be able to understand the needs of each other. On the other hand, those opposed to the ABA therapy state that the therapists who practice it push the person to stop some autistic actions such as clapping and screaming, with the use of violence. “The therapists following Lovaas’ program slapped, shouted at or even gave an electrical shock to a child to dissuade one of these behaviors.” Others argue that ABA therapy does not respect the person’s uniqueness and the individual needs that one might have, and treats him/her as a “robot” that has to accomplish certain tasks in order to be “normal”. (par.
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